Birthday Parties

Yolo Birthday Cake

Birthday Parties | Celebrations

Yolo Event Center is conveniently placed in Fort Wayne as a central location to all sorts of attractions that will appeal to a person on his or her Birthday.  You will be able to celebrate by enjoying a day that is all about you or your loved one.

Since we have a fully staffed events center and a DJ booth, we are sure to appeal to those adult who want to have a party with their age appropriat friends and not have to worry about children getting in the way and underfoot.

You should be able to have down time, whether you are single, with married friends, or married and want to celebrate without having children around.  

Our facility is convenient staffed for whatever sort of party you would like to have, and with a large dance floor we are sure to appeal to the youth in you too.  You can make memories to last a lifetime, and YOLO will be here every step of the way.

Yolo’s is the perfect venue

to host Birthday Parties