Class Reunion Party

Class Reunion Party
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Class Reunion Party

One of the many services that we offer at Yolo is event hosting for class reunions for the local schools and universities.  We understand that these are moments to catch up and celebrate with old friends new lives and happiness.

Your class reunions should have all the elements of a party that you want to be able to enjoy when you are getting together in the Fort Wayne area with compatriots you may not have seen in years, and in a town that you may have forgotten a lot about while you have been away.

We will provide you with the hall in which to host your event, the food that you will have to snack on or eat for dinner, the alcohol that will give it that celebratory feel, and since you are all bound to be legal at this point, there is no need to worry about past exploits and the questionable nature of your old parties back in school.

Class reunions for high school at the various milestones should be times when you can have a night or weekend to yourself without having to worry about cleaning, cooking, or any of the other household chores you are required to as an adult.

This is a time for you to set back, relax and have a good time with good friends and reminisce. We will make this possible by giving you a great event hall, fantastic caterers, and amazing prices to host an event of all sizes to meet the range of your class reunion’s size.

When you are looking for a place to host your old school’s class reunion, be sure to get in touch with us at YOLO and we will be glad to assist you with putting together the best program for your old classmates.  You will be able to relive high school and have more fun doing it now then you may have had then.

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