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Yolo Event Center

“Our goal is to meet your event budget and exceed your expectations”

Yolo Event Center is a full service catering and event center.  We are in the business to make your party one to remember.

Hosting an event has never been easier!

  • Quality catering options
  • Great Food
  • Outstanding Service
  • Competitive Prices
  • Planning Services
  • Premium Wine and Spirits

Yolo Event Center provides a unique setting that your guests will never forget.  We create events that are distinctive and elegant.

Our Center provides artistic inspiration that creates amazing experiences that include:

Yolo’s Event Center is in a great location, and from here you will have access to upscale hotels, restaurants, and many other activities for those who are part of  your celebration.

Yolo event planners have years of experience hosting special events, we take the worry out of mind, so you can relax and enjoy yourself all night.

Event hosting for any occasion requires attention to detail, from the Decorations, Caterers, Musicians or DJ and the staff who serve you all night.

So give us a call and book a date with Yolo Event Center.  260-483-2929

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Get ready to have your friends and family astonished with the presentation we create for you.

Wedding receptions are always a big to-do and everything must be implemented perfectly when it comes down to Zero hour and everything has to go on stage. Weddings and Wedding Receptions are the most frequently hosted events at Yolo Event Center. Not only do we cater to our Brides and Grooms, but we provide them with in person consultation throughout the process of hiring, planning & hosting the event, and eventually having cleaning up after the event. We do it all for you!
Your class reunions should have all the elements of a party that you want to be able to enjoy when you are getting together in the Fort Wayne area with compatriots you may not have seen in years, and in a town that you may have forgotten a lot about while you have been away. We will provide you with the hall in which to host your event, the food that you will have to snack on or eat for dinner, the alcohol that will give it that celebratory feel, and since you are all bound to be legal at this point, there is no need to worry about past exploits and the questionable nature of your old parties back in school.
Business owners and larger corporations often feel comfortable contracting YOLO to host their business events knowing our sterling reputation when it comes to our dedication to their satisfaction. Our event hosts have had years of experience working with white collar executives and can help you plan and implement a program that is oriented towards your exact desires. Whether you are hosting a business retreat and need a place to feed your guests, or if you are having a large conference and need somewhere sophisticated and appropriate to conduct your business and impress your potential partners, we will be able to meet the needs of the occasion.
We have a sophisticated reception hall that is ideally suited to host anniversaries for your Anniversary, your parents or grandparents. Celebrate and live for the Moment. Our clients feel comfortable sharing the families’ experiences with us as we have a full staff of caterers and event hosts at your beck and call during the event. Our team of creative event planners will help you put together an event that will satisfy everyone attending your anniversary, from the guests of honor to the youngest relation if need be.
Yolo Event Center is ideally placed to be the host for any awards ceremonies that our clients want, whether it is a business function, a school athletic event, or any other ceremony honoring the accomplishments of others. Our hosting staff will provide a unique environment set up in the manner that you desire, to lavish those deserving individuals with the acclaim that that they are being presented with on these occasions. We can host banquet functions with a hosting staff that will clear tables and set up a podium and stage for you in advance so everything is absolutely in place for your award event’s smooth functioning. You will be able to have a smooth transition from dinner to awarding certificates and trophies, and none the wiser about the effort required to make it happen.
Holiday Parties are special times for everyone, and there are some who want to be able to put on special events for those who might not otherwise be able to enjoy them. We have put on hosting for many different organizations that help those who are underprivileged and do not have the family or ability to have the special time during the holidays that they would like to have. We have worked with the Boys and Girls Club to ensure that they do feel some attention during a time when they might otherwise not be able to receive that attention.